Wifi Spy Camera- Function

People often stereotype wireless camera as a surveillance system which does not require wires to implant in the respective place, and one which is portable. Though the wireless cameras are wire free, but have different functions to perform. The main purpose of the spy cam is to record and then transmit the recording to its destination.Find additional information at eye spy supply.

There are different types of nanny cams and each one has different features, which differentiate them from the other hidden camera. The example of such gadgets are: wireless door phone,baby monitoring device, watch, IP camera and etc. The characteristics of the device depends on its uses and need of the user.

For example, if you are looking for a device through which you can monitor your toddler 24/7 then the wireless baby monitor camera will suit you. The device allows you to watch your kid from the distance of 10 m, which is equivalent to the space between to two rooms or the garden or terrace area to the bedroom. The device also has inbuilt microphone, through which you can hear the sound of the baby and also can talk back to him.

The camera is upgraded with infrared and night vision so you can see through the device in night or dark area as well. The device record from every angle.So the security of your kid will be intact 24/7 as you can monitor his activities every time. The wireless camera in India is used at home and at commercial areas as well.

The other camera which serves the similar purpose i.e of monitoring is a wireless door phone camera.The moment your doorbell rings a video of the person standing outside the door will be displayed on the monitor of the camera and the buttons besides the screen will assist you to talk back with person and unlock the main door.

If you want spy cam which can record and transmit the recording on your email id, then you should go for Spy wireless IP Camera. A reliable wi-fi camera shoots and send the live footage to the respective email id. The device can send 100 pictures at a time and colored video with audio. The gadget comes handy during travelling as it will update you with all the happening at the respective premise in the real time.

The device is also beneficial for the head of the office as the camera will keep him posted with the latest happenings from vivid angles. The shops of Wireless Camera offer a wide range of spy gadgets. The interested people can buy the device from manufacturers and dealers at the cheapest price.